Rose Marie Cohen, PhD

    Study Skills Coaching
    Transformational Art.


Rose Cohen holds a doctoral degree in transformational art, and teaches middle school children. She is especially interested in coaching kids in middle school and in high school, often using art as a vehicle for growth in her clients.




Perhaps being a mother of three girls, two of whom have ADD, best qualifies me for working with people with ADD, both with regard to exploring themselves and to improving their organizational efficiency.  I have worked for years in the human services field and, for the past eight years, have taught Technology Education in a middle school in Howard County.


In 2003 I received a doctorate in Woman’s Growth and Transformation, permitting me to expand my work in using art-making to help people discover and honor their deepest selves.   In addition, I am an accomplished quilt artist, showing not only my own work, but encouraging people who make art in their work with me to show their creations and share their journey of self discovery with others.  





The two areas I primarily work in – transformational art-making and organizational coaching – are united by a strong philosophical principal of supporting and encouraging people to most strongly live into themselves and strive for goals that most excite them.  Instead of using ill-fitting models for what people of a certain age or gender should be like in our society, I start with where a person is now in their life – his or her preferences, skills, strengths, goals and dreams.  The foundation of my work is that everyone has gifts and special talents that need to be recognized, valued, and nurtured. In the presence of this accepting and non-judgmental attitude, people can develop a greater self-understanding and the capacity to accomplish their goals.


Building relationships with people I work with is most important. I enjoy working very closely with people: meeting or calling regularly, looking at all factors affecting them reaching their goals, and doing whatever is necessary to support the person reaching goals.




Oftentimes very bright, creative, ingenious, innovative, caring, insightful, inquisitive people don’t do well in our schools because of a mismatch between their learning style and the approaches provided in the school setting.  I work very closely with people to recognize their skills and preferences; help them identify their very specific goals; create plans and systems to apply their strengths to accomplish their goals; and provide whatever support they need to accomplish this process.  My work with people is non-judgmental  process for navigating traditional educational, work, and social settings, with a focus on maximum flexibility of solutions.