Faith Wildesen, MA, CPT, CNWC 

Personal Trainer, Exercise/ Nutrition Coach



Faith Wildesen, MA, CPT, CNWC

      Assistant Director, LEAN Program

     Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Wellness Counselor


Mrs. Wildesen is certified by the American Fitness Professional Associates as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Counselor. She is the assistant director of the L.E.A.N. program. With a Master's degree from University of Maryland in Instructional Systems Development and Early Childhood Education, she has over 10 years experience working in child development.


She is a skillful and creative expert in physical activity and diet who understands the importance of engaging kids and parents in strategies that are realistic, meaningful, and fun.


Here’s what faith says about her work:


As a certified personal trainer, I offer different types of training including core strength training, cardio training, resistance training and agility training. Each session includes goal sheet check-ins, warm up exercises, balance work, strength training, endurance and stamina training and/or core training.


“All of my sessions are geared toward the individual and their goals.  I teach my clients the skills necessary to be able to go home and perform the same exercises with basic equipment (ex. dumbbells, resistance balls & bands, body bars, medicine balls) I don’t believe that a person should have to invest a lot of money into being healthy.


“My philosophy is a long-term plan, not a quick fix. My clients “choose” to make a lifestyle change.  I encourage all my clients to set their own goals because I believe that for a major lifestyle change to occur, the person has to choose to take responsibility.  I will help the client formulate what their goals will be.  I’ve found that a lot people don’t know what their underlying needs may be other then to “get in shape.”  Some goals we set together include:  increase concentration, develop core strength, improve sleep, increase energy, weight loss/gain, decrease risk of serious illness, etc.  


“I believe that exercise should be hard work, but not boring.  I never repeat the same session or routine, but I might take some exercises and tweak them or incorporate them with other exercises in a new routine.


“ I currently work with clients in their homes and in my private home studio.  I am also pursuing my Doctorate in Naturopathy specializing in Nutrition.”


Quotes and Testimonials for Faith Walker


"Faith is an excellent motivational exercise trainer who challenges any level of physical fitness, from grandmother to teenager. She is consistent, patient and always positive. Beyond the physical workout, she also provides quality nutritional advice and can even go as far as establishing a dietary plan for clients. With Faith, I have already lost 10 pounds and feel better with each step of every day." ~Dane H. 


“Faith’s approach to training is refreshing, innovative, challenging, friendly, determined  and  reliable.  You made me  want  to  be  better and  believe that  my  goals  were  realistic  and  attainable.”  ~Kim T. 


“I have made exercise a way of life now.  Faith has shown me that I can be healthy and feel good about myself. “ ~Jennifer R.


“I’ve lost 75lbs in the past year with Faith’s support through training and exercise!”  ~Brian F.