Cynthia Wilcox, PhD


          Psychotherapy, Relaxation and Breathing Techniques





I am a psychologist providing psychotherapy to individuals, families and groups.  The structure of therapy is sometimes traditional (weekly sessions in an office) but also can include regular check-ins by phone or e-mail, and meeting outside of the office to accomplish practical life goals.  I also do diagnostic evaluations and psychological and psychoeducational evaluations.





Therapy is most essentially an authentic relationship.  It is in relationship that we discover who we are and explore new aspects of ourselves.  My focus is on strengths as opposed to diagnostic classifications.  Rather than defining people based on pathology, I believe that if we discover our passions, our abilities, and identify the obstacles in our way, we uncover our ability to adapt to the world and live fulfilling lives.


I believe that the emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, cognitive, and social aspects of well-being are interdependent. I believe that people are happier and more available for work, learning, and relationships when they have a healthy body and energetic balance and flow.  In addition we need adequate structure and social support to successfully pursue our goals.


Treatment, therefore, takes into consideration the needs in all of these areas, and provides direction and support to address those that are relevant.  Some aspects of the work are quite practical, while others are more introspective or intuitive. 


I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Maryland Graduate School at Baltimore.  My training includes a focus on treatment of children and adolescents as well as adults, in the context of individual, family, and couples therapy.  I have worked extensively with individuals with symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, Aspergers Disorder, and general difficulties with self-regulation.