Provided by:

Peggy Walton, PhD


Are you feeling:

Restless at work or at home?
Stuck in place, not moving forward in life?
That there’s more to life than you experience now?
Is this as good as it gets?


 What Is Life Coaching?                                                                                      

Life coaching is a process leading to professional and personal renewal. Supported by a trained life coach, you have access to strategies and tools that will provide you with new knowledge and self-awareness as you create a vision for your future.
  • Because of my areas of expertise, typical results of coaching are:
  • Young adults gain clarity about their academic and occupational futures
  • People in transition explore where they want to be professionally and personally by intentionally choosing their next steps in harmony with their values and goals.
  • Caretakers of the disabled learn strategies for themselves and for those whom they support.

The goal is to help you focus on creating possible solutions and pathways to reach your goals. 


 The Coaching Relationship                                                                            

Life coaching is a partnership between you and your coach that helps you identify your restlessness and articulate the reasons for your sense of stagnation.  By setting realistic goals for yourself, your coach will help you accomplish what is important to you, helping to move you forward through your life with renewed purpose and joy.
In a coaching relationship, the agenda is yours: it is your life that is opening to the next stage, through steps that make sense to you. The role of a coach is to mirror back to you what he or she hears, to cheer and root for you, to reflect hunches or intuitions, to clarify what transpires between you two.
Life coaching is a win-win relationship for both the client and the coach – because both grow and learn from the powerful conversations that take place.

 How does it work?                                                                                             

Working together, we create a safe place to explore and reflect upon your life and decisions so that you live deliberately.  This happens through:
  • In-person meetingsTelephone conversations
  • Email messages
  • Written reflection
  • Workshops, retreats and/or classes offered at Thrive

 What are the benefits of coaching?                                                           

Coaching can help you:
  • Examine where you are stuck in life
  • Explore where you would like to be in the next chapter of your life
  • Move towards your goals.


 How long does coaching last?                                                                    

Coaching takes effort, motivation and time, and its duration depends on your unique situation. Typically, clients contract for 1-4 months of weekly coaching, after which the contract may be renewed. Most coaching sessions last a full hour; some may last longer than an hour depending on the subject matter at hand.

 Where do we start?                                                                                     

Coaching is a process that begins with mutual trust and ends with when you feel launched, having set a direction for your future. This process usually takes 4-8 coaching sessions. 
We start with an initial conversation in which we explore your situation and your expectations.
You and I, then, develop a proposal that includes a description of:
  • Where you are at the start of coaching
  • The goals that we agree to work on together
  • A written estimate of its duration
  • The pricing structures available to you.

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