A NEW LOOK AT AD/HD                                           


 Possibilities For Thriving

ADHD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) is often viewed as the problem of the individual to be fixed with medication.  When used alone, this approach can leave people feeling isolated, labeled, blamed, and ashamed – and without the tools they need to grow.
The staff at THRIVE know what it feels like to struggle with the challenges of ADHD – and how important it is to feel good about yourself, your choices, your life.  So the patient/ practitioner relationship focuses on strengths and possibilities.
Our goal is to help your gifts and creativity shine through so you achieve your life goals with a sense of self-acceptance and pride.

Whole Life Skill Building

Treating ADHD is more than just getting rid of symptoms.  At THRIVE, we begin with a complete life analysis, to define those areas of your life most affected by ADHD – performing at school or work, studying, relationships and communication, self-esteem, organizing your home or finances, parenting and achieving your life goals.
We then work with you to develop a treatment program for functioning more effectively in each of your challenge areas – and feeling more in control of your life.

Treatment Through The Lifecycle, For The Whole Family

ADHD can present challenges for children, teens, young adults and adults.  Our practitioners work as a team with one or several family members, targeting the unique needs of each age group.  Depending upon the specific needs of the client, we might work with the individual, the parents, the couple or the family.

Coordinated Care

We know how difficult it is to find a trusted set of practitioners and resources.  Our practitioners – working closely together – maintain coordination in all aspects of your treatment program.

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