Lifestyle Education, Activity and Nutrition        

                For Kids & Their Families              


 An Innovative Weight and Lifestyle Management Program



                Is your child’s health under siege?               


Nothing matters more to parents than the health and vitality of their children.  Today’s high-pressure, fast-food, sedentary culture seriously threatens our children’s ability to prosper and thrive. 


  • Scientists project that the current generation of young people may be the first in American history to live a shorter life span than their parents.
  • The fast-food culture facilitates making poor dietary choices, and physical inactivity puts an entire generation of kids at risk for diabetes, heart disease, overweight/obesity, and emotional problems.
  • The problem is magnified in children with special needs, such as those with ADHD, autism, depression and anxiety.



 A healthier approach to life is within every family’s reach. 


For many kids, competitive team sports are not a reasonable option. The competitive sports culture leaves out many children who deserve, as much as their athletically gifted peers, the benefits of regular physical activity and improved nutrition.
For these children and their parents, THRIVE has created the L.E.A.N. program. 


 Join us for 8 weeks of highly participatory seminars for parents and kids. 


We believe in interactive, personalized, science-based education that gives parents and children the lifestyle tools they need to succeed.
Our expert faculty will help you:  
  • Set appropriate goals
  • Understand the health implications of overweight/obesity and physical inactivity
  • Develop workable strategies for improving physical activity, no matter what a child’s special needs
  • Improve decision making about diet and create family-friendly nutrition options
  • Cultivate strategies for dealing with bullying and teasing
  • Have fun learning how to build a sound, life-long, family-friendly approach to health and wellness

 The program includes field trips to local stores, restaurants, and parks.



 I want to participate in L.E.A.N. to make my family healthier.  
Stop worrying about how to help your child thrive. 
Sign up for the L.E.A.N. seminars consisting of 8 weeks of highly participatory meetings: 


Price is per family and includes all program materials and textbook.

 You may cancel up to two weeks before your session starts, minus a $150 cancellation fee. 

No refunds after the cancellation deadline.
To sign up:
Call us at 410-740-3240
Or email us at lean@mythrive.net.





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