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Ed Kaitz Artist Statement


 Ed Kaitz

Artist Statement



 The art presented here is a return to doing art after a hiatus. I have rapidly discovered that I am mainly interested in visual art to explore the dream life I have at night, and while resting. I no longer believe in dream analysis or dream interpretation as much as I believe in "being with" the dream, and exploring it’s every nuance.  I believe this sometimes can be a full time job. I also believe that the dreams I get are not "mine", but that, more probably, I am "theirs".

Some of the images here are not dream related. Some are a mixture of dream material, and memories, or feelings from recent times, for instance to do with rejection in relationship, or be enthralled there as well. These non dream images have been useful, soothing to work through as well on paper.

I encourage everyone willing for the challenge to be present to the dreams they receive. I encourage you to engage them as soon as you wake up. I offer the hypothesis that they may be at least as important as the contents of your conscious mind, but I also offer that it takes the intention of open minded, non analytical, imagistic engagement with your dreams in a wondering way to come to see how important they are.