Cindy Friedman - Artist Statement

Sharing Through My Eyes

Artist Statement

Cindy Friedman


I’ve always like photography.  When I was little my uncle use to develop pictures with all the dark room supplies, using chemicals and enlargers. First I started developing pictures than taking pictures in high school. My mom took a trip to Japan and all I wanted was a 35mm camera.  She brought me back one and that was the beginning.


Now people know that if they can’t find me, I’ve gone taking pictures.  They make fun of me, but they all want the pictures!  People don’t even take cameras anymore to weddings, birthdays, trips, or events ... because they know that Cindy’s got it covered!


The photos I take capture the serenity I feel at that moment.  For instance, photos I took while experiencing the vastness of the Grand Canyon capture aspects of life I treasure.  But they are not just for me to enjoy.  My intention is to share my joy with others, through my own eyes.  Sharing is one of my strongest values and the feedback I get from people and their reactions is so important.