“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
     --  Marcel Proust


Voyages Art Gallery at THRIVE features the work of members of the THRIVE community - some who call themselves artists and some who simply have turned to art as a way of expressing and coping. 
The Gallery seeks to build a community of sharing, growth and healing by providing a space for people to tell their stories of emotional and spiritual transformation. 
Their artwork combines with their narratives to provide teachings, guideposts and inspiration for others navigating this journey of self discovery.  Along the way, they tell of their discovery of fears and passions, their dark hidden places and rich talents, as well as their connections to others. 
In the busy lives we have created, our days can seem like nothing more than a series of tasks strung together.  Only by pausing and reflecting can we extract the meaning from what we have experienced. 
When we do this, each moment becomes a possibility for growth, for gathering a bit of wisdom.  If we open our eyes, we have the opportunity to continually learn from our own experiences and from those around us. 
It is only when we pause to look within -- to gather the pieces of our past, to put together the puzzle that day to day might seem so fragmented and disjointed -- that we begin to discover the patterns of change, to unravel the deeper meanings, to understand why we have chosen how we have chosen, and so make peace with the hard turns in our lives. 
Visitors to the Gallery are invited to pause and reflect on the pictures and words in the show;  to consider how the moments captured by the artists might serve as teaching stories for them in their own voyages.

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