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Animal Guides

Dancing With Animal Guides

 We Can Lose Touch With Ourselves ~
                                    But Animals Never Forget Who They Are

In this workshop you will choose an Animal Guide from fifty beautifully illustrated cards.

Explore having an Animal Guide as a companion on your path,teaching you by its example.

Link your life to its nature through the joy of dance, poetry, and art, and touch into the possibilities for change.
Time: February 7th from 1 to 4pm

Place: Thrive Center

30 Corporate Center Suite 530 / 10440 Little Patuxent Parkway / Columbia Md. 21044


$35.00 per person

Workshop Leaders

Evelyn Torton Beck, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland, comes to sacred circle dance from

interdisciplinary work. She has been teaching this dance for many years and through this practice aims to connect mind, body and spirit.


Judith Walton, Ph.D.
has been teaching sacred circle dance for more than 15 years and uses the power of the dance to achieve integration and

wholeness. She is a trainer and specialist in group dynamics and organization development.



Cynthia Matsakis, MFA, LCSW-C,

an expressive psychotherapist and working artist committed to the use of symbolic forms, ancient images, and

sacred dances as pathways into the imagination’s wellspring of healing and creativity.